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  • Megan and I were selling our condos that we owned separately and purchasing our first home together. Before we found Ian, we worked with other realtors and the experiences were less than pleasant. It was obvious they were telling us what we wanted to hear to get our business. Basically, they felt slimy. Not only was Ian a genuine friend throughout the process, but in just three weeks he sold two properties over list and got us into our beautiful new home when we weren't even the highest offer. It probably should have been a more stressful experience but Ian made it feel easy. We've already recommended Ian to a friend and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. We're so happy with how everything worked it. It almost makes us want to do it again….Almost.
    By Sean O'Conner, 29-03-2018
  • Thorough, understandable and easy. We we're so relieved to have Rob Ng-A-Fook properly explain the benefits of having a good family plan. Turns out, we had a lot of loose ends that needed to be dealt with, especially with a growing family at home. Robs realistic approach made it simple and easy for us to update our coverages, saving us time and money. Thanks Rob!
    By Liam Milford, 28-03-2018
  • Excellent Service! Great communication! Inexpensive and efficient service. Very nice experience and a pleasure to do business with. Other lawyers could/should learn something from him. Jeremy only charges $10 to notarize a document where everyone else I phoned wanted anywhere between $30 to $50. It's typically a 5 to 10 minute procedure... how can they justify charging those rates. Jeremy is a man of integrity! I highly recommend him! If I need anything done in the future I will definitely be calling him. Thanks Jeremy
    By Christopher Freedom, 26-03-2018
  • I worked with Nicole Howell at HHBG. She is sharp, efficient, and excellent to work with. The firm is professional and approachable. I highly recommend her and her firm to anyone who is looking for employment counsel.
    By Diana Chiu, 26-03-2018

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